Types of Machine Learning: Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a branch of Machine Learning specialized in Artificial Neural Networks with multiple intermediary layers.  Neural Networks with multiple layers can approximate very complex non-linear functions. That’s why Deep Learning has been very successful in CV (Computer Visions), NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Reinforcement Learning.  Deep Learning architectures include: Convolutional Neural Networks Recurrent ... Read More

Types of Machine Learning: Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are a category of Machine Learning algorithms that predict a user’s rating or preferences over a collection of items.  Recommender systems algorithms include: Collaborative filtering Content-based filtering Session-based Session-based recommender systems  Reinforcement learning for recommender systems include: Multi-criteria recommender systems Risk-aware recommender systems Mobile recommender systems 

Machine Learning Applications: Topic Discovery with Clustering

Given a set of documents, a common task is to group them accordingly to topics or subjects. A human agent can create a hierarchy of subjects and assign each document to its related issue. However, a clustering algorithm can create this structure automatically and more precisely. We can apply hierarchical clustering algorithms to group documents ... Read More

Machine Learning Applications: Stroke Prediction

The Stroke Prediction Dataset at Kaggle is an example of how to use Machine Learning for disease prediction. The dataset comprises more than 5,000 observations of 12 attributes representing patients’ clinical conditions like heart disease, hypertension, glucose, smoking, etc. For each instance, there’s also a binary target variable indicating if a patient had a stroke. We can build a ... Read More